Focus on decreasing incidents of harassment and sexual violence around and among the student population

  • Expanding the role of Title IX in the student Constitution as the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has drastically changed the current Title IX policy recently.
  • Making Howard prioritize the safety of sexual assault survivors and combat rape culture through legislation.
  • Ensuring that the status of the Emergency Blue Light system and POM security device is adequate for students and propose alternatives if necessary.

Focus on creating policy to improve cohesion between student population, Howard Administration, and surrounding community 

  • Focus on legislation to create a position that represents Howard student’s interest at community council meetings and serves as a liaison between students and off-campus engagements.
  • Collaborate with Howard Administration and HUDPS  to identify and secure vulnerabilities on campus

Focus on transparency and communication between HUSA Senate and constituency.

  • Create a podcast through the PR committee to allow students to express their grievances with Senators or Howard faculty as guests.
  • The creation of a HUSA Senate website to keep students in the loop of Senate news and legislation.  
  • Draft a Transparency Act that would let the Senate inform the general population about proposals/amendments submitted before they get to the General Body meeting.