Campaign Blog to chronicle the campaign efforts. HU students in COAS vote on March 10th!

Day 8

Today’s another class day.  A lot of my classes cancelled so it was easy to manage.  We did some more edits for the website and were almost ready to post.  On social media we’ve been radio silent, but nobody else has been posting so we’ll save our projects for next week.  It’s a weird situation […]

Day 7

I guess let’s go over the Speakout.  I’ve never been to a Howard one so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was in the multipurpose room under CHS.  The majority of the audience sitting are candidates or campaign managers.  The event was very structured which seems to put a lot of pressure on the […]

Day 6

School day- I’m taking swimming by the way.  It helps being from Florida because I’m ok at swimming; not great.  I also practiced discussing my campaign with other people to prep for the Speakout and it went well.  The video yesterday went well, except I forgot I can’t post anything about Howard’s campus.  So if […]