Day 8

Today’s another class day.  A lot of my classes cancelled so it was easy to manage.  We did some more edits for the website and were almost ready to post.  On social media we’ve been radio silent, but nobody else has been posting so we’ll save our projects for next week.  It’s a weird situation where we have to publicize ourselves to run, but also not annoy the Howard population.  I’m still making flyers and trying to get them approved, but it’s been a busy week.  I’m debating posting physical flyers too.  We also got approved to do campaign videos during Radiothon! I just want to know what Howard students are thinking about to improve the school.

Day 7

I guess let’s go over the Speakout.  I’ve never been to a Howard one so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was in the multipurpose room under CHS.  The majority of the audience sitting are candidates or campaign managers.  The event was very structured which seems to put a lot of pressure on the candidates.  The run of the show was that every position would be asked to sit facing the audience when called upon; Royal Court, UGSA, Senate, and Councils.  Since both COAS and CEA candidates were present, not every speech applies to the audience, but it was cool to see what other schools were doing.  Honestly, most of the people were strong public speakers in all categories. 

There were nine Senators present at the event.  I’m old compared to the rest of the crowd.  The questions weren’t hard: two minutes to talk about your platform and then one and a half minutes to answer a question.  Our question was what do you think Senate does and what can you provide.  Easy enough.  It looks like every candidate is enthusiastic to run, which is good. There’s only one incumbent in COAS so that’s interesting.  Overall it was a good event to put faces to names and get general feelers from the audience about my platform.

The bike ride to work was very fast, I’m finally getting better at keeping a fast speed.  I also planned to travel and get footage on my camera during my lunch break.  Also signed up for a community service event on Saturday.

Day 6

School day- I’m taking swimming by the way.  It helps being from Florida because I’m ok at swimming; not great.  I also practiced discussing my campaign with other people to prep for the Speakout and it went well. 

The video yesterday went well, except I forgot I can’t post anything about Howard’s campus.  So if I actually release the video, just know that there is footage of me leaving my dorm, but I can’t post it.  But the work stuff was cool so maybe we’ll focus on the off campus things.

The Speakout is going to be starting soon and I rewrote my intro.  We’ll see how it goes but the room isn’t the best for recording.  I might get nervous too so we’ll play it by ear.

Day 5

Today is the day where we shoot, “A day in the life on the campaign trail.” This one will show my goings to work and various meetings that happen today.  I haven’t seen it done before, but I have the camera stuff to make it work for today.  The biggest issue is cycling to work.  Work has been consistent, can’t complain.  Trying out a new route to work later this week.

 We’re getting closer to wrapping up planning for the site and it’s starting to feel real.  My participants seem cool so shoutout to them.  This week is starting to look very busy, which is crazy because I took the LSAT like two days ago.  ASB meetings are getting longer.

 After work we’re preparing for the speakout, there’s a lot to be done.  The website is getting revised, hopefully we’ll release on Friday. 

Day 4

Another busy chapel day.  We had Rev. Otis Moss Jr. speak, and service went well.  The Men of George Washington Carver are announcing their week, and the freshman showed out.  I hope the week goes well.

               In the Office of the Dean of the Chapel news, I had my site check-in today.  We have more work to do before departure day, but we’re getting there.  Thankfully I don’t have to worry about the LSAT for the moment, so I can now focus on getting everything together.  This whole month has been an exercise in time management.  Classes are going well as a side note. I’m trying to keep at least two days ahead of readings so far.

               After finally getting back the room by the end of the day, we finished up some ASB stuff and brainstormed some strategies about how to make a splash with campaigning this week.  I think it will go well.