About Me

Picture of David holding a nikon d3300 in a mirror
The first picture I ever took with my first camera

My name is David Robinson Jr. and I am a Junior Political Science major from Orlando Florida.  At Howard, I’m a studious student, I go to class and work with organizations such as the Office of the Dean of the Chapel, The Legal Aid Society of DC, and The Men of George Washington Carver.  

The website is Drdavphoto.com because that was the photography page, I created sophomore year.   I kept it running but didn’t want to promote it because I didn’t think anybody would want to read about my photography ideas on my little blog.  Turns out it was a good idea to keep the site running, because I’m using it to set up a Campaign and I don’t have to pay for a new website.

Please check out my little campaign handout to learn more about me too. 

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