Day 7

I guess let’s go over the Speakout.  I’ve never been to a Howard one so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was in the multipurpose room under CHS.  The majority of the audience sitting are candidates or campaign managers.  The event was very structured which seems to put a lot of pressure on the candidates.  The run of the show was that every position would be asked to sit facing the audience when called upon; Royal Court, UGSA, Senate, and Councils.  Since both COAS and CEA candidates were present, not every speech applies to the audience, but it was cool to see what other schools were doing.  Honestly, most of the people were strong public speakers in all categories. 

There were nine Senators present at the event.  I’m old compared to the rest of the crowd.  The questions weren’t hard: two minutes to talk about your platform and then one and a half minutes to answer a question.  Our question was what do you think Senate does and what can you provide.  Easy enough.  It looks like every candidate is enthusiastic to run, which is good. There’s only one incumbent in COAS so that’s interesting.  Overall it was a good event to put faces to names and get general feelers from the audience about my platform.

The bike ride to work was very fast, I’m finally getting better at keeping a fast speed.  I also planned to travel and get footage on my camera during my lunch break.  Also signed up for a community service event on Saturday.

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