Day 4

Another busy chapel day.  We had Rev. Otis Moss Jr. speak, and service went well.  The Men of George Washington Carver are announcing their week, and the freshman showed out.  I hope the week goes well.

               In the Office of the Dean of the Chapel news, I had my site check-in today.  We have more work to do before departure day, but we’re getting there.  Thankfully I don’t have to worry about the LSAT for the moment, so I can now focus on getting everything together.  This whole month has been an exercise in time management.  Classes are going well as a side note. I’m trying to keep at least two days ahead of readings so far.

               After finally getting back the room by the end of the day, we finished up some ASB stuff and brainstormed some strategies about how to make a splash with campaigning this week.  I think it will go well. 

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