Day 3

LSAT Day.  I took the exam on campus, so I didn’t have to stress about travel.   One issue I forgot about with taking the exam on campus is that both LSAC and Howard University provide adversity to students at all times.  The exam was delayed one hour over a technical glitch with registering the scratch paper with LSAC.  While we wait, the rooms were colder than winters in DC.  I debated leaving my gloves on, but couldn’t because LSAT wanted students to use touchscreen tablets.  I didn’t lose too much concentration and was able to attempt to answer every question for all five sections, although the logic games hurt.

               After the exam, I had a meeting with my campaign manager to go over strategies for the campaign, so we are on the same page.  It was beneficial.  Afterward,  I went out with some friends to celebrate taking the LSAT after six months of studying.  Campaign wise, we edited some graphics for later.

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