Day 2

I’m writing this in the middle of the day. It’s been one hour since I posted my initial stuff on social media.  Campaigning for yourself is such a weird feeling to me.  I decided to make a video last night from random B-Roll clips (that were perfectly legal to use, so don’t sue me).  So far, it’s been a better reaction than what I was expecting, so that’s good.  I don’t like following so many people’s accounts so quickly. I’ll try to focus on the live interactions more, I guess.

Other than that, nothing else to complain campaign wise.  The video looks pretty good, but I need to think of more content.  I like the fact that we are developing through multiple platforms, but we need to post at a better time.  Fridays are a pretty slow day online, and I’ve known that for years.  But what else would happen when campaigns are officially allowed to run on a Thursday?

In terms of official election stuff, we’re all good.  I got all the things I wanted to get approved through, and it only took 40 minutes.  I was expecting to get results in like a couple of days—shoutout to the elections people.  Good job, y’all.

I’ve been off campus all day btw.  We got some shots of us leaving for a day in the life video, but we’ll see if we make this video in time.  It seems like a cute idea, and the life of a student with an internship could be exciting. I’ll stop my post for the moment because there’s one other event I have to do when I get back to campus. Stay tuned

And we’re back. I work with the Chapel Assistants, and we had our weekly meeting.  A significant point of discussion was about voting and increasing student advocacy.  It was oddly convenient to talk about my campaign to a crowd of people, which went well. 

After that I prepared for the LSAT, I’m taking tomorrow.  I had the February exam scheduled since the beginning of the semester, so I had to keep up with the class, make a campaign, coordinate for ASB, and prep for the LSAT.  It took a lot of time management, but I think we’re going to do a pretty good job.  And with that, I’m going to sleep at ten pm.

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