Day 1

Today officially starts the first day of the campaign season.  It’s not that exciting because there’s a flood amount of information flying around from various campaigns.  It’s interesting to hear people talking about being added to group chats to campaign but not knowing the person.  I guess people find that annoying, so I’ll try to avoid that. 

I’ve decided to chill on the posting for the day because I want to start the campaign differently. Maybe I should focus on how there’s so much going on today and we need to focus? I just used the word focus twice in the same sentence.  I wish I wasn’t so corny sometimes, but I think it works for this instance.

School wise, things are going well, so nothing to worry about.  Two days until I take the LSAT so today’s probably my last day to really invest studying.  I wish I was a little better at making diagrams. 

One note- the campaign season is very short.  I wonder why. One hand, it’ nineteen days.  But in that period, you must attend a bunch of events and meetings.  I like meetings so that’s great but it’s a very short window to create this content.  I probably won’t be creating daily content, but we’ll see. 

At the moment, the website is still a mostly private creation.  I decided to hold off until next week to publish this to better time it with the speak-outs.  I’ll probably get it approved with Elections code tomorrow, but that’s about it.  If someone could comment when I’m doing too much, that would be greatly appreciated.

Another side promise I made was to meet three new people at Howard every day of this campaign.  That’s 57(I did the math in my head) people, but it should be good practice on selling my campaign.  We have other ideas planned to add another social element to the campaign so stayed tune. 

The vision of this campaign blog is to document the ups and downs of the campaign.  Traditionally, running for a HUSA Senate position is one of the lesser known campaigns.  The executive takes the spotlight, leaving the aspiring senators to post their flyer and win without too much difficulty.  I think last year had 18 candidates running for seven spots in my school so there must have been more drama.  I have no idea who else is running for this position, but it doesn’t matter.   I can only control my campaign, so I’ll just have to trust myself to be up to the job.  Elections are really like a public application for a job so on top of popularity, you must know what you’re applying for. That’s my mantra for this campaign.

Going forward, I’ll try to be more fun when writing these entries, but this is a solid baseline for what I’ll be writing.  I didn’t try to write a single joke either and that’s probably for the best.

If you’re still reading the rambling account, you should probably consider voting for me.  I’m trying to engage the campus with this campaign while also preparing Howard for a better future.  Elections are March 10th.

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