My name is David Robinson and I am a photographer who wants to teach others about how to tell stories with light. Photography has been an important part of my life and the world of photography is changing every year as phones are bridging the gap between DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflector) and mirrorless cameras. I’m going to try to provide weekly lessons on how to understand and improve your photography, primarily focusing on basic DSLRs, but also focusing on using a cell phone.

The biggest thing I want to stress about photography is that it is always about light. Its the photographers job to know how much light is entering the photo and when to stop. Too little light and every image looks like same black void. Too much light and the void is filled with the light that doesn’t tell a unique story. This balance between too much and too little is what allows for the photographer to tell their own story to the world.

Everything else is secondary as cameras have always been built around this balance of light and dark, a constant struggle that the photographer has to understand

Hawaii Place-22
Photo Taken at Hawaii Beach c2017

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