Why I’m Running

1. Decrease incidents of harassment and sexual violence around and among the student population

2. Promote inclusivity between student population, Howard Administration, and HUPD

3. Increase brand appeal of HUSA Senate to lessen friction between Students and Government

In my years at Howard University, I haven’t always felt safe on campus.  I’m physically fit and work out every day but still remember feeling powerless when I was robbed walking back to campus my freshman year.  I like taking photos in DC and I have the bad habit of travelling alone. Ever since then, I focus on my personal safety when I move around campus and I’ve been lucky to not face another major incident and keep up to date on police reports and HUPD.  But for the majority of the campus, luck isn’t an effective policy to protect students from danger.  

I was in a night class this semester and one of my classmates came into class late exasperated and distraught.  The teacher’s strategy to not acknowledge the situation and let it simmer added more tension in the classroom. Finally, my classmate explained that they had to run for their life coming up Georgia Avenue to avoid a group of men who had harassed her.  This was now the second time a similar situation has happened and as we departed from class, I tried to ensure that she didn’t have to walk back to her dorm alone. After walking with her back, she opened up about her frustrations with the current safety on campus and how it’s not just non-students who do this, but also our fellow Bison.  I spoke about some of the ways I knew how to address problems like that, but she was worried it wouldn’t be enough. I spoke with most of my friends about it and the statistics that 1 in 3 women are victims of sexual violence and harassment is accurate.

Frustrated that there wasn’t anything else I could do, I started researching.  I had no intentions of running for an elected position ever, but I want this issue to be addressed after I graduate Howard University through legislation.  

The reason I want to run for HUSA Senate is to create laws that better accommodate students to feel safer on campus.  Checking the status of the current blue light system, allowing for more students to know what HUPD is and what they are doing with the POMS system to get more devices into the hands of students and working with neighboring community orgs to collaborate and create a way to better protect each other in our community.  I would prefer to work with the University and External Affairs Committee and Student Advocacy Standing Committees in the Senate to accomplish these goals.  

I chose a black and white aesthetic because I wanted to keep the focus on safety and minimize distractions.  I also took a photography class and have a lot black and white film so I can use up my photo paper for campaign materials and not let it go to waste. I’m not planning on spending money to benefit this campaign and using my 210 weekly prints to create my materials and stuff in my room.


I came to Howard University to study Political Science in Washington, DC and attend Law School afterwards.  That hasn’t changed, but my minor was economics, and I submitted the paperwork to become a photography minor.  Until Howard processes that request from sophomore year, I’m still claiming photography as my minor. I got my first DSLR 7 years on August 17th, 2014 and from them it’s my favorite hobby.  Going around DC has allowed me to see the change in the community and connect with people I never would have met.  

Working with many organizations(orgs) in my Howard career, the knowledge of how orgs operate is only available for a select few.  I remember freshman year hearing about what HUSA Senate was and how they had a bunch of money for orgs if you do the paperwork but didn’t know what the paperwork was.  It’s a very cool system that students get to decide how to fund student projects, but it’s not common knowledge. There also isn’t enough money to go around in the annual budget anyways so allowing for more students to be aware of the system might be dangerous, but they are paying for it anyways so they might as well know.  

To achieve these goals, I can provide a few skills to HUSA Senate.  Writing legislation isn’t easy, but there’s a lot of issues with the university that can be addressed through new laws.  We can focus on working with current administrative efforts to protect students, such as HUPD, IVVP and the Howard University Counseling Center, among others.  It appears that next year, should be expecting a rather large student body that requires many students to live off campus. Among the growing pains of living off campus, students shouldn’t expect to feel endangered when commuting to campus.

I also want to further open the access for students to connect with student government.  The best thing I can do is create marketing campaigns to increase visibility and efforts of HUSA Senate.  I also want to strengthen connections with community organizations around Howard. There Are several community groups that host public meetings to allow for a conversation to begin.  I believe that investing in groups such as that would allow for us to make safety a focus of the SHAW-Howard community.


Campaign Blog to chronicle the campaign efforts. HU students in COAS vote on March 10th!

Day 1

Today officially starts the first day of the campaign season.  It’s not that exciting because there’s a flood amount of information flying around from various campaigns.  It’s interesting to hear people talking about being added to group chats to campaign but not knowing the person.  I guess people find that annoying, so I’ll try to […]

Day 1

Today officially starts the first day of the campaign season.  It’s not that exciting because there’s a flood amount of information flying around from various campaigns.  It’s interesting to hear people talking about being added to group chats to campaign but not knowing the person.  I guess people find that annoying, so I’ll try to avoid that. 

I’ve decided to chill on the posting for the day because I want to start the campaign differently. Maybe I should focus on how there’s so much going on today and we need to focus? I just used the word focus twice in the same sentence.  I wish I wasn’t so corny sometimes, but I think it works for this instance.

School wise, things are going well, so nothing to worry about.  Two days until I take the LSAT so today’s probably my last day to really invest studying.  I wish I was a little better at making diagrams. 

One note- the campaign season is very short.  I wonder why. One hand, it’ nineteen days.  But in that period, you must attend a bunch of events and meetings.  I like meetings so that’s great but it’s a very short window to create this content.  I probably won’t be creating daily content, but we’ll see. 

At the moment, the website is still a mostly private creation.  I decided to hold off until next week to publish this to better time it with the speak-outs.  I’ll probably get it approved with Elections code tomorrow, but that’s about it.  If someone could comment when I’m doing too much, that would be greatly appreciated.

Another side promise I made was to meet three new people at Howard every day of this campaign.  That’s 57(I did the math in my head) people, but it should be good practice on selling my campaign.  We have other ideas planned to add another social element to the campaign so stayed tune. 

The vision of this campaign blog is to document the ups and downs of the campaign.  Traditionally, running for a HUSA Senate position is one of the lesser known campaigns.  The executive takes the spotlight, leaving the aspiring senators to post their flyer and win without too much difficulty.  I think last year had 18 candidates running for seven spots in my school so there must have been more drama.  I have no idea who else is running for this position, but it doesn’t matter.   I can only control my campaign, so I’ll just have to trust myself to be up to the job.  Elections are really like a public application for a job so on top of popularity, you must know what you’re applying for. That’s my mantra for this campaign.

Going forward, I’ll try to be more fun when writing these entries, but this is a solid baseline for what I’ll be writing.  I didn’t try to write a single joke either and that’s probably for the best.

If you’re still reading the rambling account, you should probably consider voting for me.  I’m trying to engage the campus with this campaign while also preparing Howard for a better future.  Elections are March 10th.