FOCUS-A center of activity, attraction, or attention; A point at which rays (as of light, heat, or sound) converge 

 Merriam-Webster Dictionary

My name is David Robinson Jr. and I’m running for HUSA Senate(College of Arts and Science)

 My campaign is named FOCUS because I want to focus on improving safety for students on campus. We can do this by strengthening the relationship between Howard students and the local community.  Legislatively, that means drafting policies that allow for visitors to feel welcome on campus but still respectful to Howard’s legacy. In addition, we must draft stronger policies to support victims of sexual violence and harassment, especially members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  Statistically, 65.1 percent reported experiencing harassing behavior since first enrolling at the school nationally, according to the Association of American Universities(AAU) campus climate report in 2019. Since we as a nation can’t see this as a problem to address, let’s start the change at Howard.

On this website, there is information about what my campaign hopes to accomplish in office. It also links to several good student resources that I have personally used since freshman yearーI encourage you to check them out!

About Focus

Focus on decreasing incidents of harassment and sexual violence around and among the student population

Walking up and down the Hilltop is hard enough as is; harassment on campus isn’t a reality we should accept. I created this campaign to establish policies that help students feel safer on campus.  Seeing a fellow classmate distraught after being harrassed on the way to class left me feeling powerless. After that class, I did some research and learned how sexual harassment incidents have been on the rise on campus recently. This campaign is meant to put the power back into the hands of the victims to keep them from feeling helpless at their Howard home.

Focus on creating policy to improve cohesion between student population, Howard Administration, and surrounding community 

Looking at the Howard community as well as the DC community to an extent, there’s opportunities for everyone to grow together.  I remember my freshman year, I did a weekend neighborhood cleanup. I don’t know why, but I was the only bison there. Regardless, the people coordinating the cleanup were nice and connected me with neighborhood events occurring throughout the year.  I think the student body could benefit from working with city councils and neighborhood organizations. In regards to HUDPS, students demand more accountability and information about what goes on around campus to keep them safe.  

Focus on building the brand of HUSA Senate to accommodate for all students

HUSA Senate is almost ten years old. That means that this  institution is still in its infancy. Now is the perfect time to focus on creating a legacy of the Senate. Since HUSA Senate is the only body that requires representation from all colleges, we should embrace and highlight this diversity that Senate provides.  One way is increasing the amount of opportunities for students to connect with their Senators as well as greater transparency so students can be in the loop about Senate activity throughout the year.


Focus on decreasing incidents of harassment and sexual violence around and among the student population

  • Expanding the role of Title IX in the student Constitution as the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has drastically changed the current Title IX policy recently.
  • Making Howard prioritize the safety of sexual assault survivors and combat rape culture through legislation.
  • Ensuring that the status of the Emergency Blue Light system and POM security device is adequate for students and propose alternatives if necessary.

Focus on creating policy to improve cohesion between student population, Howard Administration, and surrounding community 

  • Focus on legislation to create a position that represents Howard student’s interest at community council meetings and serves as a liaison between students and off-campus engagements.
  • Collaborate with Howard Administration and HUDPS  to identify and secure vulnerabilities on campus

Focus on transparency and communication between HUSA Senate and constituency.

  • Create a podcast through the PR committee to allow students to express their grievances with Senators or Howard faculty as guests.
  • The creation of a HUSA Senate website to keep students in the loop of Senate news and legislation.  
  • Draft a Transparency Act that would let the Senate inform the general population about proposals/amendments submitted before they get to the General Body meeting. 


Campaign Blog to chronicle the campaign efforts. HU students in COAS vote on March 10th!

Day 8

Today’s another class day.  A lot of my classes cancelled so it was easy to manage.  We did some more edits for the website and were almost ready to post.  On social media we’ve been radio silent, but nobody else has been posting so we’ll save our projects for next week.  It’s a weird situation […]

Day 7

I guess let’s go over the Speakout.  I’ve never been to a Howard one so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was in the multipurpose room under CHS.  The majority of the audience sitting are candidates or campaign managers.  The event was very structured which seems to put a lot of pressure on the […]

Day 6

School day- I’m taking swimming by the way.  It helps being from Florida because I’m ok at swimming; not great.  I also practiced discussing my campaign with other people to prep for the Speakout and it went well.  The video yesterday went well, except I forgot I can’t post anything about Howard’s campus.  So if […]